Why Risk It?

'Burnt-out' Consumer Unit

'Burnt-out' Consumer Unit

Consumer Unit (Fuse Board) Upgrades

The Consumer Unit or 'fuse-board' is the main brain of your home electrical system.


Old 'Fuse-Boards'

Use a piece of 'fuse-wire' that needs to replaced every time there is a fault or short-circuit in your home, which can cause a big inconvenience.

Main Benefits of a New Modern Consumer Unit

A new modern consumer unit greatly decreases the risk of fire in the house due to its ability to detect wiring faults and disconnect the electricity before any heat builds up.

RCD's: Modern fuseboxes incorporate RCD's (Residual Current Device), a safety device designed to protect against personal electric shock. These trip when a circuit overloads, protecting the wiring from burning out and your family from nasty electrical shocks.

Circuit Breakers: In the event of an electrical wiring fault the circuit breakers will trip whereas in the old type of fusebox there is the potential that the electricity supply would stay connected until a fire occurs. The built in circuit breakers will trip within 40 millionths of a second if you accidentally touch any live cables, this will save the life of the person touching them.